Providing volunteers who have a heart and a desire to walk along side the struggling families and the fragile patients.


Our volunteers are there to bring empathy and comfort to the family members and especially to the patients, whether it is in a hospice facility or in the patients home.


Our goal is to be good listeners, to assist the family and patients, and at the very least, to bring a smile and hug to lighten the burden.


To help make a positive difference in the final moments of loved ones, we need your help. If you have just an hour a week, you can do something profound: make someone feel loved, cared for and special in their final moments.

If you do not have an hour a week or are not ready to volunteer, please donate to the Hospice Love Gift Fund to allow for volunteers to bring gifts to their patients, and to help meet the ongoing financial burden of the families, be it: diapers, commodes, wheelchairs, and the like. We would like to thank everyone in advance for their generous support.